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The Superior Choice for Sim Racers

Whether it’s F1, GT or Rally take us with you

Racing LCD display & input controller for mounting in a wheel or simulator dashboard or placing on a desk

Usable software to customise your sim racing dash to your simulation

Designed by Sim Racers for Sim Racers

Choose UGT if optimum feedback and realism is your only reality

Single USB Connection

No need for power cable or HDMI cable

Simple to Wire Up

Solder wires onto solder pads onto the back of the board

Simple Configuration

Change LED behavior, LED and LCD brightness easily with the UGT Manager

No Hidden Costs

UGT Manager license is included with every device

Fully Supported

Regular game compatibility, software and firmware updates

Multiple Layouts for data output

Choose the layout that works with your Sim or design a new one.

-4.3” LCD TFT display module. 480 x 272 resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours

-21 on board LEDs with fine grained independent colour brightness adjustment (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)

-Up to 6 additional LEDs

-Supports multiple layouts to display vehicle information on the LCD display such as lap times, speed, gear selection, engine temperature, brake bias, lap history etc

-4 mounting tabs for mechanical mounting using M4 screws

-Built in micro USB socket for USB2 connectivity OR solder pads for direct USB connection

-Designed for sim racers. Place on your desk as a dashboard or build into your steering wheel​

-Inputs for potentiometers, hall effect sensors, push buttons, hat switches, rotary switches, encoders.

-6 encoders

-30 buttons

-8 analog inputs with 12 bit resolution
–6 rotary switches using 6 of the 8 analog inputs

-1 hat switch

-Solder pads for direct USB connection​


-Sim key mapping

-Customise layouts

-LED brightness control

-Multiple SLI configurations

-Game compatibility

-Regular software and firmware updates

-Button configuration