Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2

  • A state-of-the-art motorsport simulation device which provides access to vehicle telemetry and race information via a single USB cable.
  • LCD, Shift Light LEDs, Flag LEDs and up to 6 additional LEDs
  • Supports multiple layouts to display vehicle information on the LCD display such as lap times, speed, gear selection, engine temperature, brake bias, lap history etc
  • A range of input options including digital inputs for push buttons or toggle switches; analog inputs for potentiometers or hall effect sensors; rotary switches via analog input to provide between 2 and 16 rotary positions with only 1 data connection (VCC and GND also required) and support for 6 Encoders
  • Connects to your PC via a single USB cable.  No external power or video input required
  • Powered by the UGT Manager which controls the board and interface with racing simulations.  Each device comes with a single license for UGT Manager which is tied to the hardware.  UGT Manager replaces the need to use other 3rd party software to interface with games
  • Designed for sim racers. It can be simply placed on your desk as a dashboard or can be built into your steering wheel
  • Fully supported drivers for latest operating systems and games
  • Ongoing support

The Most Advanced Simulation LCD

  • 4.3” LCD TFT display module. 480 x 272 Resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours
  • 21 On board LEDs with fine grained independent colour brightness adjustment (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • 6 Additional LED connections for extra user configurable LEDs
  • USB 2 Full Speed Connectivity
  • Built in micro USB socket
  • Solder pads for direct wired in connection of USB Cable (optional to use)
  • Onboard 8Gb data storage for images, fonts and dashboard layouts
  • 4x mounting tabs for mechanical mounting using M4 screws
  • 30 Push Button inputs
  • 4 Hat Switch inputs
  • 8 Analog inputs with 12 bit resolution and configurable sensitivity
  • 5 Rotary Switch inputs with 2 to 16 positions possible, multiplexed with Analog inputs and configurable via PC software
  • 6 Encoder inputs supporting Quadrature encoders and 1 bit Encoders

UGT Manager Guide

RaceLCD Installation


RaceLCD Datasheet

Supported Sims

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