Race LCD Hardware Spec

The Race Display Comes can be mounted within your own racing wheel.

  • 4.3inch LCD TFT Display 480 x 272 resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours.  Display viewing area: 95.04 x 53.85mm
  • Connects to your computer via 1 single USB cable
  • 32 push buttons, 3 analog inputs, 5 rotary switches, 6 encoders
  • 6 additional LED inputs
  • Onboard sound – DRS/Shiftpoint beep
  • 12 bit analogue input precision
  • 21 LED’s with 170 degree viewing angle

The Most Advanced Simulation LCD

LCD display for Simmers, gaming enthusiasts. Race LCD is the most advanced simulation LCD dash.

  • Fully supported drivers for latest operating systems and games
  • Ongoing support
  • Integrates into your steering wheel
  • Adjustable LED brightness

  • Product Development

    UGT Race LCD V2 Coming Soon

    Here are some images of our new device. We have the product in stock and firmware and software is ready with support being added for additional games every day.  We really appreciate the support of guys who had purchased our…


    Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2

    After over a year since our first development kit was released, we are pleased to announce the release of our new device The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2.  This is our first production (non-development) device and has some real…

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