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How it all started

At UGT we’re serious simmers.  A few years ago, we started building our own steering wheels and used some of the well-known dashboards and displays.  After a while, we became annoyed with the products available.  There were always problems with them.  We found ourselves limited on inputs and it was impossible to find an LCD which didn’t require a monitor input from the graphics card.  This was no good as we wanted to keep all of our graphics outputs for monitors and were not happy losing processing power to run a dashboard.  We began experimenting with different options and soon found we could make something better.  Initially we release a development device which was difficult to wire up and had quite a fat screen.  The next challenge was to work on a faster, more efficient device.  We decided to use an over-powered microchips to prevent lag and future-proof the design.  We removed the old fiddly wiring configuration and replaced it with solder pads on the PCB.  We upgraded the LCD for a more powerful and thinner device.  The UGT RaceLCD was born. 

We now have a small team and split our time into three main areas: game compatibility, UGT Manager update and functionality and of course firmware and hardware revisions and tweaking.  Our devices are manufactured and assembled in the UK with each unit going through display and input testing before being shipped. 

Blockade Motorsport car

Proud Sponsors of Blockade Motorsport

We’re really pleased with the Blockade Motorsport results and very proud that UGT has been taken round the real life tracks of Brands Hatch, Rockingham, Donnington and Snetterton.