Car Info
Current speed
Current gear
Current engine RPM
“DRS” turns green when DRS is on
Current race position
Current Sector number
Current lap number
Distance on track in metres from 0-length of track (might be negative before start of race/hotlap)
Current track area (Garage/Pitlane/On Track)
Car Status
Anti Lock Brakes
Current ABS status
Brake Bias
Current brake balance to front (%)
Current damage (none/minor/major)
Traction Control
Overall traction control
Traction Control Front
Front traction control
Traction Control Rear
Rear traction control
Stability Assist
Current stability assist
Power Unit
Engine Mode
Current engine mode depending on sim and car (lean/standard/fast/turbo/10%-100%)
Fuel Mapping
Current fuel map number
Currently left (available to use) In AC for some cars KERS is the amount of power from the battery to the electrical motor
Current energy deploy mode
Current energy harvesting mode
Energy left in current lap (allowed to use in current lap)
Energy already used in current lap
Battery Charge Level
Battery charge level (%)
Fuel Left
Fuel currently left in tank
Fuel Cons AVG
Average fuel consumption per lap (when in practice/qualifying consumption only during hotlap)
Number of laps possible with current fuel based on average consumption
Number of laps based on average fuel consumption +/- compared to total laps in race (when in practice/qualifying compared to next start/finish line)
Amount of fuel (litres) based on average fuel consumption +/- compared to total laps in race (when in practice/qualifying compared to next start/finish line)
Delta Times
Realtime difference to personal best lap
RTD Best
Realtime difference to best lap time (own best this sector)
RTD Leader
Realtime difference (gap) to leader
RTD Ahead
Realtime difference (gap) to car ahead
RTD Behind
Realtime difference (gap) to car behind
Lap Times
Current laptime
Last laptime
The players (own) Best Lap in the current session
Session Best
Session Best = Best Lap (from all drivers) in the current session
Personal Best
Players own best Lap ever recorded by UGT manager on the current combination of track, session type (quali/race) and car (carclass)
Optimal laptime (all personal best sectors = theoretical personal best lap time)
Average Laptime (current session)
Sector Times
Current Sector (1-5)
Sector (1-5) time for current lap
Last Sector (1-5)
Sector (1-5) time time for last lap
Best Sector (1-5)
Sector (1-5) best time
Session Best Sector (1-5)
Sector (1-5) session best
Personal Best Sector (1-5)
Personal best sector (1-5)
Other Times
Total Race Time
Overall race time since start
Elapsed Time
Time since session started (including time n garage etc)
Time Left
Time left in current session
System Time
Current system time
Session Info
Current session type (qualify/race/time trial)
Track Name
Name of current track
Car Name
Name of current car
Car Class
Class of current car
Car Year
Year of current car
Laps on Track
Total number of laps completed on this track
Laps in Sim
Overall number of laps completed in sim
Tyre Info
Current tyre (option/prime/wet)
Wear Front Left/Right
Tyre wear (%)
Wear Rear Left/Right
Tyre wear (%)
Tyre Temperature
Center Front Left/Right, Rear Left/Right
Tyre temperature (center temperature is displayed if more than one available)
Outside Front Left/Right, Rear Left/Right
Tyre temperature(%)
Inside Front Left/Right, Rear Left/Right
Tyre temperature(%)
Brake Temperature
Brake Front-Left/Right
Brake temperature
Brake Rear-Left/Right
Brake temperature
Other Temperature
Water temperature
Oil Temperature
Oil temperature
Air temperature
Track temperature
Pressure Front Left/Right
Tyre pressure
Pressure Rear Left/Right
Tyre pressure
Pressure Fuel
Fuel pressure
Pressure Oil
Oil pressure
Pit Info
Pit Stop Delta
Time during a put stop compared to last regular time (from pit entrance to exit)
Penalty Data
Time lost during a drive through penalty
Stop Time
Stationary time of pit stop
Fuel Add
Fuel amount to add at a pitstop
Adjust Front Wing
Front wing adjustment for next pit stop
Change Front Left/Right
1 for change 0 for no change
Change Rear Left/Right
1 for change 0 for no change
Driver (1-10)
Info Button State
Change state of info button (best/last/current)
Drivers Position
Postion ofthe driver
Driver’s Name
Name of the driver
Driver’s Car Name
Car name for the driver
Driver’s Lap
Current lap for the driver
Driver’s Sector 1/2/3
Sector time for the driver
Driver’s Info 1
Toggle timegap to leader/timegap to you (or next)/number of pit stops
Driver’s Info 2
Toggle in pit/number of penalties