File System Structures and User Interface

Following our previous post where we described unpacking our PCB’s we were pleased and slightly surprised that after soldering on components we had no problems.

PCB with Components1

PCB with Components

PCB with Components2

After some testing (which was definitely nothing like a 3 man LAN party – we’re simmers after all, not casual gamers) we gave instructions to the factory to proceed with the hardware build.

With the hardware side of things going very well, we are now tackling the optimisation of file system structures and have been trying to make best use of our storage on the F1 Display.

Still to complete we need to polish the user interface for PC applications which control the display.  The software for the PC allows the setting up of key binding for the device.  The binding assists with game compatibility and allows different profiles to be saved.  The functionality is all tested and working nicely but we must now start working on screen layouts to allow for drag and drop to create new mappings and editing existing ones.


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