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Input Control Elite Input controller

Input Controller for building into a wheel, joypad, creating a buttons box or many other input devices. 


Simple to Wire Up

Solder wires onto solder pads

Simple Configuration

Many input configuration options

No Hidden Costs

UGT Controller Manager license included

Advanced Functionality

Launch Control, Funky Switch support

  • USB 2 Full Speed Connectivity
  • Built in micro USB socket and/or solder pads
  • 4x mounting tabs for mechanical mounting using M4 screws
  • 46 Buttons
  • 1 Hat Switch input
  • 12 Analog inputs with 12 bit resolution and configurable sensitivity
  • 6 Rotary Switch inputs with 2 to 16 positions possible, multiplexed with Analog inputs and configurable via PC software
  • 10 Encoder inputs supporting Quadrature encoders and 1 bit Encoders
  • 2 funky switches

UGT Input Controller Manager License Included

-Launch Control

-Rotary Mode configuration

-Encoder pulse and sensitivity configuration

-Analog sensitivity and modes

-Rotary switch modes

-Funky Switch support