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Carefully unpack the device. In the box you should have: 1 x RaceLCD display comprising of a back board and LCD screen, 4 x hex bolts/washers, 1 x USB Cable

Plug the device into your PC and wait for it to be detected. Note, device may not work with an unpowered external USB hub. If your device is not detected plug into your PC directly to a USB port. If it is still not detected, unplug other USB devices from your PC as you may be overloading your hub

Once the device is plugged in and detected correctly, all 21 Coloured LED’s will be lit and the UGT logo will be displayed on the screen

Download and install the UGT Manager. Follow the onscreen prompts and ignore the “Unverified Publisher” warning.

Once the UGT Manager is installed, open it. If your device is plugged in, you will see the message “Reading files from device”. If your device is not plugged in, you will see the message “No Device Found or License Missing/Invalid”. You cannot run the UGT manager unless your device is plugged in and detected by Windows.

Configuring and running a game

Plug in your device and open UGT Manager

UGT Manager will automatically scan your PC for compatible sims games and configure them to work with your device with standard layouts. You must have installed a game and run it once before UGT Manager can detect it. Some games (ie Project Cars) require additional in-game configuration.  This can be seen by clicking on the “Info” button

You may want to change layouts, key mappings, LED behavior and LED or screen brightness for a particular game.  This process is described in the UGT Manager Software Guide

When you open a supported game, you will see the game image on the device screen.  In the game you may get a warning that the device is not supported ie for Formula 1 games “DEVICE NOT SUPPORTED”.   This is a normal prompt as the Device is not officially supported by a game, but this will not affect the performance of the device.  Simply click OKAY  to continue.

Once in a race, you will see the device image changes to show the appropriate layout for the game with information such as lap/speed etc