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To install additional layouts

– Download the layout (click on the thumbnail)

– In UGT Manager click “Import Layout”

– Select the layout to import

– After import, choose whether to upload the background images (labels) for the imported layouts.  Note:  until you do this, you will see just the data items with no labels or borders.

Shipped Layouts

Layouts 1-9 shipped with the RaceLCD



Layouts which will work on any version.

The following layouts require UGT version 1.2.7117.36934 (27/06/19) or newer

Layouts for the latest version 1.2.7369.38313 some with graphical bars

The following layouts require UGT Version 1.2.7369.38313 or newer. Firmware Version:  01/01/20rC or newer


Layouts created by UGT Manager users – thank for sending them 🙂


Cube Controls Layout