Test data should be running when editing a layout.  
Note, you will not see background images/labels on the LCD screen while in the layout generator.  
1.    Clone a layout that closely matches what you need or create a blank one
2.    Add extra items by data item and dragging to the screen (see table of data items)
3.    To remove items, drag them to remove item area Select an EXISTING font from item characteristics. The ability to create your own fonts is in beta and is not recommended to be used
4.    Edit item and label characteristics (see table of data items).  
5.    Drag sliders or click on a colour to set colours.
6.    Once the layout is complete, click “save layout”.  When you exit the layout generator you will be prompted to upload the new layout to your device.  This may take approx. 2 minutes per layout. UGT manager may stop responding. Do not close the application.  Wait for it to finish

If you do not want to save a layout you are editing do not click save layout and simply close the Layout Generator Window.  Click Yes to exit without saving


Dynamic Colours

Certain data items have dynamic colours.  These are fixed and cannot be changed

UGT Manager layout generator dynamic colours


Item Options

Font used for the data item
Number of digits to display from the item
Height of data item
Width of data item
Describes what the value is showing
UGT Manager layout generator item options


Label Options

Font used for the label
Font Size
Font size of label
Font Style
Style used for label
Location of label
Label Styles
Different styles to choose from
Label text
The text the label displays
UGT Manager layout generator label options