Layout Generator

Please Note:  UGT Manager currently includes a stable beta release of the layout generator.  We recommend that you do not modify the 9 layouts which ship with the device.  Please clone an existing layout and modify the clone or create a new layout. Also, please use existing fonts – uploading your own fonts is not currently recommended.

  • Open layout generator
  • Clone a layout that closely matches what you need or create a blank one
  • Add extra items by selecting a category and data item and drag to the screen
  • To remove items, drag them to remove item area
  • Select an EXISTING font from item characteristics.  The ability to create your own fonts is in beta and is not recommended to be used
  • Select a color for the label and data item
  • Add/edit labels for the data from the label characteristics panel
  • Turn off labels for all data items if you need this working quickly and you do not need the labels.  To upload labels to the device see below
  • Click save layout
  • Close layout generator



  • Click layouts -> import images
  • Navigate to SDCard\Global\Backgrounds
  • Select the file name BGxxxx.gci where xx is the number of the layout you have just edited eg BGI00010.gci for layout 10
  • Wait for the file to transfer to the device (this may take approx 2 minutes per layout). Please note the UGT manager and copy dialog may stop responding.  DO NOT CLOSE IT, wait for it to finish.
  • You will get a message once the upload is complete
  • Your layout should now appear on the device with labels

The process of uploading the labels to the device will be automated in the future.

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