UGT Manager Layout selection for sims

Layouts to be used in this setting:  Drag and drop layouts from “All Available Layouts” to the “layouts to be used in this setting” to select which layouts are available in a Sim.  Also drag and drop to change the order of the layouts available in a sim.

Layouts can be changed in a sim by mapping a button to pageup/down in the key binding (mappings) section of UGT Manager. 

To remove a layout, click and drag to “Drop here to remove from list”.


Special Layouts:  Special layouts are displayed at a specific point in a sim.  Change the number of seconds each layout should be displayed for when an event occurs.  The Pit lane layout can be set to remain on the screen until exiting the pit lane by ticking “Display until End of Pitlane”.  Clicking pageup/page down mapped button closes the pit display special layout.


UGT Manager special layouts settings