UGT Manager RPM LED shift point settings
RPM LED’s behaviour is configurable

Flag LED’s behaviour is mostly fixed.  Yellow, Red and Blue come on automatically when a flag is active for your car/sector in a race.  Blue flag LED is configurable for OSP (see below).  In some simulations if DRS is allowed the blue flag will come on in the DRS zone and will turn off while DRS is open.

Shift Light Values
The values at the top of each LED slider are the percentage of the maximum RPM value at which the LED will come on.  800 for the first LED is 80.0% of the maximum RPM value the car can go to, 820 (92.5% for the 11th LED).  Drag the sliders to modify the RPM value (%) when each LED will come on.  If you set a slider to an invalid position for the shift light type selection, you will get an error message when trying to save (ie with the “single” shift light type, you cannot have LED 2 with a lower value than LED 1. Use the “custom” shift light type to remove restrictions on the LED sliders