Using thiBeta From July 2020 brings some changes
Sim / Car class / Car Settings: You can now save specific settings for each sim / car class / car.  Please note if a specific car / car class does not appear in the drop down list,  you must first drive the car / car class in the sim before it is selectable in UGT Manager.  Note, some sims do not have individual cars / car classes available.
Dynamic Colours: Turn on/off Dynamic colours individually and set optimal range for colour change ie tyre optimal range 80-100 degree.  Blue for cold, green for optimal, red for hot. 
Layout Colours vs Dynamic Colours:  If dynamic colour is on it will override the layout colour for that data item. 
Dynamic Colour Options (times)
ON: All time data items dynamically coloured (all except session time left, session elapsed time and system time)
Time Table: Times on for explicit items – “session best,” “best”, “personal best” not last and current lap. 
Time Table and Invalid: Same as above but also shows when current/last sector/lap is invalid using the colour orange.  If not invalid uses default colours.
OFF: Colour for time items is not dynamically coloured.  Layout colours are used.
Blink new Best Time:  Set number of blinks for laps/sectors for personal best/session best/best.  Off for no blink.

How to Configure:

 To modify a setting (ie AC)
– Open AC settings from UGT Manager main screen (settings button). 
– Change the settings as desired. 
– At the bottom of the screen select the car / car class you wish to save the settings to.
Copying sim settings from one Sim / Car class / Car to another
At the top of the screen, select the sim / car class / car to load settings from and click “load”.  This will update the settings window with the values from the loaded settings.  You can then make any changes and save as described above.
Please note, if you wanted to change iRacing settings, you must open iRacing settings from the UGT Manager Main screen.

Copy Settings example

To copy settings from the Lotus in AC to ACC2, you would need to:

– Open ACC2 settings from the main screen
– Load the lotus setting from AC – Lotus
– Select the car you want to save the settings to using the dropdown at the bottom
– Click save
Using the above method, you can copy a saved setting across all sims / car class / car.
Read the Layout Generator guide for the new beta here