Race LCD v2.1 BE SB USB


Race LCD v2.1 Black Edition, Super Bright

Racing LCD USB Display

– Shaped PCB to minimise space required within a wheel or enclosure

– Frosted LED’s diffuse light, give wider viewing angle and reduce glare

– Super Bright LCD Screen

– Black PCB to reduce glare

– Fully compatible with a wheel or enclosure desiged for the standard Race LCD v2 or v2.1 devices.  All LED’s and mounting holes are in the same position.

–>Download Data Sheet<–

Device: The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD is a state-of-the-art simulation dashboard which provides access to vehicle telemetry and race information via a single USB cable. This information is then displayed on the device LCD, Shift Light LEDs, Flag LEDs and up to 6 additional LEDs configurable by software.  The UGT device supports multiple layouts to display vehicle information such as lap times, speed, gear selection, engine temperature, brake bias, lap history etc.

Inputs: The Ultimate Game Tech LCD V2 provides a range of input options including digital inputs for push buttons or toggle switches; analog inputs for potentiometers or hall effect sensors; rotary switches via analog input to provide between 2 and 16 rotary positions with only 1 data connection (VCC and GND also required) and support for 6 Encoders.

Connection: The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2 connects to your PC via a single USB cable.  It does not need external power or video input.

Software: The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2 is powered by the UGT Manager which controls the board and interface with racing simulations.  Each device comes with a single license for UGT Manager which is tied to the hardware.  UGT Manager replaces the need to use other 3rd party software to interface with games.

This kit is a sim racing dash designed for sim racers.  It can be simply placed on your desk as a dashboard or can be built into your steering wheel.

Kit Includes:

UGT Race LCD with frosted LED’s

UGT Race LCD Input Cable (Micro USB Cable)

UGT Manager Software: compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 (32/64Bit)

Software available via download

4 x hex bolts and nuts

Device Details:

  • 4.3” LCD TFT display module. 480 x 272 Resolution, RGB 65K true to life colours
  • 21 On board LEDs with fine grained independent colour brightness adjustment (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
  • Additional LED connections for extra user configurable LEDs
  • USB 2 Full Speed Connectivity
  • Built in micro USB socket
  • Solder pads for direct wired in connection of USB Cable (optional to use)
  • On board data storage for images, fonts and dashboard layouts
  • 4x mounting tabs for mechanical mounting using M4 screws

Supported Input Devices:

  • 30 Push Button inputs
  • 1 Hat Switch input
  • 8 Analog inputs with 12 bit resolution and configurable sensitivity
  • 5 Rotary Switch inputs with 2 to 16 positions possible, multiplexed with Analog inputs and configurable via PC software
  • 6 Encoder inputs supporting Quadrature encoders and 1 bit Encoders

All inputs wired directly to the back of the device PCB via solder pads with GND and VCC connections shared between all inputs.

Please note, while every effort has been made to make it simple to use, stable and compatible, Ultimate Game Tech will not accept any responsibility for any damage caused by the kit.