UGT Manager Software Guide

  • Layouts and other screen options and key mappings can be changed for each game
  • Mapping: Change key mapping
  • Settings:  Change LED behavior and brightness, screen brightness and to select layouts to be used
  • Data Output: Enables or disables data output where possible for a game
  • Info:  shows screenshots of additional steps in-game configuration steps required for some games (ie project cars)
  • Global Options Menu: Allows change of settings and mappings for all games.  NOTE: if you change Global settings, this will make changes ONLY to all games which have not had individual settings modified
  • Layouts Menu:  Advanced layout and device media editing
  • Input Devices Menu:  used for testing wheel button etc inputs when the device is wired into a wheel
  • Help Menu: UGT Manager updates and Device Firmware updates


  • Click “Mappings” to change key mappings for a specific game.
  • Click an option which will become highlighted then press the key or button you want to use for the mapping.  An example might be using the “+” keyboard key to for the “Page_up” setting which would allow you to change between layouts mid game by pressing the “+” key
  • Untick the “Allow Sliders” checkbox to stop sliders being used for a mapping – this is particularly useful for some wheels or analog sticks which may interfere with mapping a key or button


  • Click “Settings” to specify layouts, change shift light brightness, screen contrast and other options for a specific game
  • Shift Light Type:  select the gear shift LED behavior for a game.  As you change the selection, you will see the LED sliders change to match the selection.  You can drag the sliders to change each LED, however, if you set a slider to an invalid position for the shift light type, you will get an error message when trying to save (ie with the “single” shift light type, you cannot have LED 2 with a lower value than LED 1.  If you want a crazy LED configuration which does not conform to the standard settings, use the “custom” shift light Type option to remove restrictions on the LED sliders
  • Shift Light Max Gear: set max gear LED behavior
  • Speed Limiter Type:  Choose between “Alternate Blinking” or “All Blinking”
  • Screen and LED Brightness can changed with the “Actual Brightness” and “LED Brightness” sliders
  • Layouts to be used in this setting:  Drag layouts from the lit of available layouts to select which layouts a game can use.  This is useful when used in combination with the page_up page_down in mappings to select between layouts when in a game
  • Start/Stop Test Data: Runs test data on the device to allow you to see how the changes you are making affect the device.  Screen and LED Brightness will be shown as you change them, however, some changes such as shift light type require the “Update Settings” button to push the changes to the device (see below)
  • Update Settings: Pushes settings to the device ie “Shift Light type” changes
  • Reload/Undo: undo the changes you have made (only works before saving)
  • Save: Save changes
  • Set Default: sets the default settings for the sim

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