**Please note, for new installs, you must install the stable release before upgrading to a beta**

Thanks to current beta testers.  Beta available soon. 

– Many iRacing improvements
– Graphical bars added to display
– Game support for graphical bars
– Layout generator support for graphical bars
– Additional layouts can be downloaded here
*** you must be running the latest firmware for this version to work correctly ***
Previous beta release notes:
1.2.7327.39780 (10/02/20)
– Raceroom compatibility improvements
– Assetto Corsa Pro compatibility completed
– IRacing: improvements
– Moved file system update into layouts menu
1.2.7320.3125 (16/01/20)
-Raceroom compatibility:  Fixed Raceroom causing screen crashes with certain data items, fixed RPM indicator
-F1 2019:  Various fixes to improve stability
-Fixed UGT Manager LED slider min/max values causing app crash
-IRacing:  improvements
-UGT Manager now refreshing correctly after layout import
-Added AC Pro support
1.2.7271.36519 (01/12/19)
– Special Layouts
– File system update and synchronising
– Hybrid cars
– Launch control

1.2.7208.4656 (25/09/19)
– Greatly Improved AC support (ACC to be updated soon), rFactor and rFactor 2 Delta times and DRS updates, bug fixed when steam is installed with no games present

1.2.7150.35652 (30/07/19)

– Added iRacing driver info in Timetrial, Updated Raceroom data output for Gear

1.2.7149.30072 (29/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, Added Beta RaceRoom Support

1.2.7146.24172 (26/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, removed file system check on app load

1.2.7144.34062 (25/07/19)
– Improved game compatibility:  Project Cars 2, iRacing, F1 2019 using new data output