UGT Manager Beta 1.2.7320.3125 Release Notes

Beta 1.2.7320.3125 is an update to beta 1.2.7217.3651.  Please read release notes.

-Raceroom compatibility:  Fixed Raceroom causing screen crashes with certain data items, fixed RPM indicator
-F1 2019:  Various fixes to improve stability
-Fixed UGT Manager LED slider min/max values causing app crash
-IRacing:  improvements
-UGT Manager now refreshing correctly after layout import
-Added AC Pro support

Download Beta Release: 1.2.7320.3125 (16/01/20)


UGT Manager Beta 1.2.7271.36519 Special Release Notes

This beta has major filesystem and software changes and adds additional functionality.  Please read these notes before updating. 

File system changes and synchronising

All files and settings will now be stored on the device.  This means settings, mappings and layouts are moved with the device when it is plugged into another PC.  Each time the device is plugged into a new PC, the data on the device will have to be syncronised with that PC. 

When a device on the old file system is connected to the new version of UGT Manager for the first time, it will ask to copy data to the device.  This will take about 10 minutes and will copy layouts, mapping and settings to the device.  After this first update the device files will be checked for changes on startup of UGT Manager which takes 10-20 seconds.

Special layouts

Additional “special” layouts have been added.  These are layouts 500+ and are accessed via the layout generator by clicking “special layouts” at the top.  These layouts display specific information for a few seconds during a sim and include layouts for: engine mode, brake bias, tyres, fuel, wing, driving aid, traction control, ABS, stability assist and pit lane.  The display settings (ie time displayed on the screen) for these layouts can be edited in general settings or game specific settings. 

To get the background images for these layouts on your device after the update, you need to open each one in the layout generator and click “save layout”.  Once you exit the layout generator, you will be asked to upload the layouts (takes about 7 minutes).

Special layouts currently work in IRacing and Assetto Corsa and F1 2019. 

Hybrid Cars
Support has been added for hybrid cars in iRacing and Asetto Corsa.  Layouts which display hybrid information can be downloaded from the following page. layout-downloads
Launch Control
Beta launch control has been added into the input controls settings largely for testing purposes.  This is a feature which will be completed and released at a later date.

Download Beta Release: 1.2.7271.36519 (01/12/19)