Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2

After over a year since our first development kit was released, we are pleased to announce the release of our new device The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2.  This is our first production (non-development) device and has some real advantages over our first device.

We’re really grateful to all our customers who supported us by purchasing our first development device and we’ve taken into account some valuable feedback received from them to build something even better.  By way of thanks, we will shortly be offering all of our early supporters a change to purchase the new kit at a discounted price.

The Ultimate Game Tech Race LCD V2 is much easier to wire up, has a slimmer screen is therefore a much slimmer device, making it easier to integrate into your wheel.

Our new device still connects to your PC via a single USB cable, meaning you do not need to power it separately or lose a valuable monitor output while using it.

The UGT Manager Software which powers the device has now been in development for over two years and is a mature and stable platform which controls the board and interface with your games.  Each device comes with a license for UGT Manager so there are no hidden software costs.  Our team will continue to refine the software and ensure compatibility with games as they are released.

At UGT, we’re a bunch of simulation enthusiasts, we play the games, build our wheels and understand what simmers want.  We still believe that this really is the most advanced device on the market.  No other products we have looked at with this level of feedback and input options run as a true stand-alone device ie without requiring a display output from your PC.

We’re hoping to receive delivery of the new device very soon so watch this space.





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